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Football season is just around the corner. Soon players of all ages will begin their summer training camps in the gruelling heat. 

It’s not every player’s most favorite time, but it’s described by some as the time that separates boys from men. 

This is when players and coaches can start to form trustworthy relationships that can last a lifetime. Sometimes players feel like coaches are out to get them, however from what I’ve found, majority of coaches are just trying to get the best out of their players. 

The hardest part about high school sports is bringing parents into a coach to player conflict. While sometimes it may be necessary if a coach has over stepped their bounds, it’s almost always not helpful in any way. 

When a coach and player have an issue it’s up to them to talk things out. 

A lot of the time athletes in their teens have to be tested mentally in order for their coaches to make sure they can trust them in certain situations. 

For example, if your coach yells at you and you get too emotional and lash back, how is he supposed to be able to trust you when another team is barking at you all game? Are you going to be a liability to your team and take a game-costing penalty?

It just can’t happen. You have to endure the mental tests coaches give you. It makes you a better person later on in life. I promise. 

So next time your player or coach gets into it with you, stop and think about them first. Do they truly hate you?  Do they honestly want you to fail? If you answered yes to both of those, you should probably talk to someone else, otherwise you should just remain calm and work things out later. 

Remember, it’s the preseason where championships are won. And it’s practice where champions are made. 

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