With temperatures on the rise and beautiful weather in the last few weeks, many local anglers in the Yuba-Sutter have already been out on the water in hopes of a trophy fish as well as dinner. 

Fishing guide Gary Anderson of Yuba City has been taking out clients for the past three years. Anderson said that this season has been a little different due to the wet winter. 

“With the amount of rainfall we got this winter, striper season was sort of delayed, but now we’re in the heat of it. Everyday just seems to keep getting better and better,” said Anderson. 

For the novice fisherman who’s unfamiliar with the area, Anderson gives one piece of advice that he promises will hold true time and time again. 

“If you hire a guide even just one time, it will make all the difference. It doesn’t even have to be me. You’re honestly investing in yourself and improving your own knowledge by hiring a guide,” said Anderson. 

According to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, almost any rod and reel heavier than a light spinning outfit is suitable for striped bass fishing. Anderson and other local guides did give input however that in some cases heavier tackle can be helpful later in the season. 

This year Anderson expects that striper season will last until early June since it got such a late start. After striper season ends, Anderson moves over to other fishing seasons that include different types of river trout and salmon. 

While Anderson has only been guiding in the area for three years, his 50 years of fishing expertise come into play a lot of times on the boat. Looking back on his time as a guide, there’s one aspect that keeps him coming back everyday to take folks out on the boat. 

“I absolutely love seeing how excited my customers get when they catch a fish. Whether it’s their first or their last that day, it makes me so happy to see the looks on their faces,” Anderson said. 

For more information on local fishing guides you can visit www.fishingbooker.com/Yuba-City/Fishing-Guides. Those who wish to get in touch with guide Gary Anderson can reach him at 530-933-1581.

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