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The Yuba College women’s soccer team celebrates with its new members on Tuesday at the Yuba College gym. 


The Yuba College women’s soccer team welcomed a new group of faces on Tuesday night in Linda as eight athletes from local high schools inked their commitment to play for the 49ers this fall. 

With over 50 family members and friends in attendance, Yuba soccer’s head coach, Cristina Baggio was very excited about all the enthusiasm surrounding the program. 

“I’ve been an assistant at Chico for the last three seasons, so to show up and immediately have this kind of support means a lot,” said Baggio. “It just goes to show how tight this community is and how willing to help they are.”

The list of high school players that signed to play at Yuba College on Tuesday night were as follows: 

–Yasmin Gonzalez, River Valley High School

–Brisa Barriga, River Valley High School

–Kassidy Hembree, Yuba City High School

–Priscilla Gonzalez, Pierce High School

–Cindy Hernandez, Colusa High School

–Veronica Trejo, Live Oak High School

–Vanessa Garcia, Wheatland High School

–Angelica Rodriguez, Wheatland High School

Two other students who signed, but were unable to participate in Tuesday’s event were:

–Anastascia Bancroft, Marysville High School

–Dyanna Santana, Colusa High School

Current 49ers soccer player, Rosie Ortega, can’t wait to greet her teammates with open arms this offseason. 

“We have a lot planed in terms of team bonding this summer. From hiking to sand training it will be good to connect,” said Ortega. 

While some of the faces may be new to the coaching staff and other supporters, Ortega is very familiar with a lot of the new signees. 

“Whether it’s club or high school soccer, I’ve been able to either play with or against a lot of these girls so I think that’s a huge advantage moving forward.”

As far as the new face that will be calling the shots, Ortega is very pleased with what she’s seen so far from coach Baggio. 

“She does so much for us in terms of making us feel like a family. I can’t wait to get out there and get things started.”

As for the future of the program, the newly hired head coach said she absolutely loves where she’s at right now. 

“Yuba (College) is a great fit for me. Everyone here seems to be really close and that fits into my family oriented philosophy so that really makes me happy,” said Baggio.

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