For youth motocross superstar Maycie Schroeder, the phrase ‘age is just a number’ is really an absolute fact. The five-year-old nicknamed ‘Moto Maycie’ has taken the sport of motocross and ran with it. Or rather, raced with it. 

Schroeder recently competed at the regional motocross championships where she had enough success to qualify for the National Motocross Championship in Hurricane Mills, Tenn. at the home of country music star, Loretta Lynn. 

“We’re so proud of her and all the work she’s put in so far,” Maycie’s mother, Chelsea Schroeder said. “She will compete in a group with all boys, not to mention the fact that a lot of them are at least two years older than her. She doesn’t let it phase her she just loves to ride.”

And ride she does. The Yuba City kid loves being on her bike so much that she can’t imagine a world without it. 

“I’m really excited to race at nationals,” Maycie said. “I race for my mom, my dad and myself. They (mom and dad) are really supportive.”

While the Schroeder family has traveled out of the area for multiple motocross events, they’ve found that many times people from all over the world know about the tracks in Yuba-Sutter. 

“We were down in southern California for an event and people there knew about our tracks, not to mention the gentlemen from England we met who had heard about them as well,” Chelsea Schroeder said. “It’s pretty cool to think about how the famous tracks we have here will be represented by her (Maycie) in Tennessee on the national spotlight.”

One moment where the Schroeder family started to realize that Maycie was special was when she was able to restart her bike by herself. 

“Parents aren’t allowed on the track at nationals, so the fact that she will be able to start it up if she falls off is a huge thing,” Chelsea Schroeder said.  

The national qualifying program consists of 54 area qualifiers (this can run from February through May) and 13 regional championships hosted at select motocross facilities across the country. From there nearly 20,000 racers attempt to qualify in 36 classes for the 1,512 available positions at the nationals in Tennessee. 

Referred to as “The world’s greatest motocross vacation,” the national event serves as a launch pad for some of the biggest names in professional motocross and supercross, including Ricky Carmichael, James Stewart, Ryan Villopoto, and Ryan Dungey.

For Maycie and her family though, they’re keeping it cool just like they have to this point. 

“We’re not trying to add any unnecessary pressure,” Chelsea Schroeder said. “Maycie goes out and does her thing and that’s how we like it.”

Schroeder will start her competition at nationals on Tuesday.

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