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The distance between a player standing at the free-throw line and the basketball hoop is 15 feet. In theory, it’s a fairly easy shot. It’s just you, the ball and the hoop. There isn’t a clock counting down on you, nor is there a defender in your face guarding you. It’s just you and the basket. 

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I’m proud to say that I’ve developed a pretty solid routine of going to the gym everyday to workout. Remember that when I tell you this next part. Man do I love the food that surrounds Super Bowl Sunday. 


Editor’s Note: Olympic Day was created in 1948 by the International Olympic Committee to commemorate the birth of the modern Olympic Games on June 23, 1894. 

The path to professional baseball for a lot of players is usually one with many obstacles to overcome. For former Sutter Union High School baseball player Brad Bonnenfant it was just that and more. 

On Tuesday, the UCLA softball team clinched the national championship as the Bruins defeated Oklahoma 5-4 in dramatic fashion on a walk-off single. For former Sutter Husky Taylor Pack, it was the most outstanding finish to a long journeyed career. 

When I was younger I never really understood what my dad meant when he said it’s a lot harder for adults to stay skinnier than it is for kids. Metabolism was too complex of a word for me I suppose. As far as I was concerned I ate what I wanted, ran to my heart’s content and slept like a log. 

Moms are the single greatest creation known to mankind. They give you unconditional love, support and always believe in your ability. 

As a kid, Jason Spain remembers his mother signing him up for a youth soccer league. From that point on, Spain knew that he wanted the sport of soccer in his life one way or another. 

The Sutter Union High School softball program was able to hold its head  up high last week when former Husky, Taylor Pack, was named PAC-12 Player of the Week. 

NEW YORK (AP) — Nashville, Tenn., is among four finalists for a pair of Major League Soccer expansion teams after government financing for a new stadium was approved this month.