On a day to celebrate the return of Major League Baseball we headed to Happy Viking in Yuba City where the long-time establishment has set up a makeshift outdoor patio complete with misters to cool people down and a beer trailer with a couple big screens to watch the games. Sports is coming back and people are jacked up!

–“It’s an opportunity to forget about all the crazy stuff and lose yourself for an hour to an hour-and a half,” said Yuba City resident and Marysville boys basketball coach Stan Easter. 

Safety was a priority all night

–“It’s the least that we can do,” said Nancy Paredes, 30 of Olivehurst, on carrying a face mask out. “If you can stop at stop lights and stop signs why not wear a mask?” 

Mark Hoke, Browns Valley by way of Houston, said the Happy Viking setup reminds him of his roots.

“Ice house is an outdoor concept (in Houston) where everybody relaxes outside,” said Hoke, a resident of Yuba County for three years. “It’s an opportunity to be with people I am used to being around.” 

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