Sutter High’s Tori Berg first took notice of the University of Arizona during her junior year when she was competing in a national-level competition with the Huskies cheer squad. 

At that point the school was on Berg’s radar, later visiting the university and getting accepted with an academic scholarship. 

Up next was trying out for the competitive cheerleading program, which Berg said involved video submissions of her work as a flyer with Sutter’s program. 

Flying for a competitive cheer program sometimes involves circus-like techniques while in midair, Berg said. 

It can be daunting, she said, with trust and teamwork being paramount to success. 

“It involves trusting your base,” Berg said. “I never expected to fly because I am not as small as other girls, but because I have a certain technique that’s what gives me my best ability.” 

Flexibility, Berg said, is crucial when it comes to being thrust into the air by one’s teammates. 

“It is everyone working together to do one thing,” Berg said. 

As a member of Arizona’s competitive cheer squad, Berg will travel the country to both regional and national competitions. 

Some national competitions are even broadcast across ESPN platforms. Berg said she is taking it one step at a time, beginning with where she feels most comfortable – and that’s on the mat showcasing what she can do.

She feels being in Arizona and the city of Tucson will be an experience of a lifetime. 

“I fell in love with the area (of Tucson) and how it is small townish, but not too rural,” she said. “I love the area and I really like hot weather.”

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