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Members of the varsity and junior varsity Sutter Union High School shooting teams celebrate their finishes at the state championships meet in Stockton. 


The Sutter shotgun shooting team had great accuracy last weekend at the CYSSA state championships in Stockton. Both Sutter’s junior varsity and varsity teams took second place in their divisions respectively. 

“These kids have learned so much in a short period of time and they are great shooters,” said head coach Dave Samson. “I’ve never been more proud of a great team of parents and kids,” added Samson. 

Sutter also had kids succeed and win as individuals this season. Here’s a recap of some of the team’s highlights thus far: 

In the first shoot on March 9, varsity shooter Ethan Harris shot 99 out of 100 and found himself in a three-way shoot-off for first place before eventually finishing in third.

On April 27 at Coon Creek, Sutter junior varsity shooter Jenna Hatfield landed in third place after a shoot-off.  

On May 4, junior varsity shooter Bryannah Crouch shot 97 out of 100 and was in a shoot-off for first place. She would go on to take second place. 

In the last series shoot on May 18, junior varsity shooter Jackson Zoller took second place while and three other Huskies were tied for third place: Connor Babler, Jenna Hatfield and Bryannah Crouch (won shoot-off).

The following are members of Sutter’s varsity team: Ethan Harris, Tony Frost, Hayden Pack, Devan Davis, Bryce Morris, Jared Leong, Ian Lang, Nolan Herbert, Logan Samson, Miles Casillas, Jacob Keen, Simon Vendrame, Logan Yetter, Kody Clinton, Liz Snow, Tayler Niesen, Klair Keeley and Kaitlyn Keeley. 

The following shooters are members of Sutter’s junior varsity team: Bryannah Crouch, Jackson Zoller, Jenna Hatfield, Darrell Farr, Connor Babler, Sean Corbin, Logan Miller, Cheyanne Peirce, Isabel Boardman, Andrew Jacobs, Jagger Katz, Trevor Reilly and Jace Petersen.

Both the varsity and junior varsity teams will now prepare for the U.S. Open in Las Vegas on July 8.

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