Sutter’s Taylor Pack watches a ball she hit during a game last season for the UCLA Bruins. 


On Tuesday, the UCLA softball team clinched the national championship as the Bruins defeated Oklahoma 5-4 in dramatic fashion on a walk-off single. For former Sutter Husky Taylor Pack, it was the most outstanding finish to a long journeyed career. 

“It’s been a crazy ride. From playing at Sutter to now winning a national title with UCLA, it’s (softball) been a fun commitment that I wouldn’t trade for anything in this world,” said Pack. 

The post game emotions proved to be high as Pack and her fellow seniors had been chasing this accomplishment for awhile. Since they arrived at the college to be exact. 

“We’ve been grinding since day one. After coming so close in 2018 we trained hard all last off season for this very moment. So it’s pretty surreal that we’re finally back, but this time with the result we wanted,” said Pack. 

According to numerous mentors around Pack, including her mother Dolores Pack, Taylor has had a motivated mind-set since her tee-ball days. 

“She’s a complete leader, she sets her goals and always seems to achieve them. Her empowerment as a female is something that makes others really look up to her,” said Dolores Pack. 

Looking back on an exhilarating career, a moment that really stands out to the Pack family was when Taylor hit the go-ahead run in the 2018 World Series to advance UCLA. Unfortunately, the family couldn’t be there because Taylor’s younger sibling was graduating from high school, but with the help of modern technology, the family was able to record the game and play it back later. It proved to be just as nerve wrecking/exciting even though it wasn’t live. 

Moving forward, Taylor Pack will not continue playing softball at a professional level, but does plan to stay around the game here and there. She  will still be able to portray in young students the lessons that she’s learned on the field. 

“I’ve already accepted a fifth grade teaching job in Colorado, so it’ll be fun to start a new chapter outside of collegiate softball,” said Pack. 

The Sutter sensation finished her collegiate career at UCLA with 43 hits, 21 runs and a batting average of .283 over a total of 68 games. 


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