Yuba City native and country music star Tyler Rich, along with his wife, re-entered Colusa Casino Stadium (the home of the Gold Sox) on Thursday to throw out the ceremonial first pitch and say thank you to those continuing to support one of the city’s longest-running traditions. 

As a member of the 30-person ownership group, Rich and his wife, Sabina Rich, feel connected to Yuba-Sutter despite being away from the area most of the year. 

“This is the place where they all come together,” said Rich, 34, who two weeks ago released his latest single, “Feels like Home.” 

Rich said “Feels like Home” was cued up when he and Sabina walked through the gate, giving way to a real sense of nostalgia, he said. 

“It’s only appropriate that I got to come home and go to a Gold Sox game because this feels like home,” he said. 

Rich said some of his best childhood memories came during Gold Sox games, adding that baseball in Yuba-Sutter put the area on the map. 

“It wasn’t the Stassis and it wasn’t me,” he said. “It was the Gold Sox.” 

He said to have it back this year even in a condensed form with mandated facial coverings and social distancing, among other precautions, is something the community really needed. 

“I think one of the hardest things with the pandemic was giving up things we never knew we took for granted … Little things like baseball games,” Rich said. “Something that has been constant and so familiar. For it to come back was a spark of hope, and it’s inspiring.” 

Sabina Rich got to experience the Gold Sox for the first time on Thursday. 

“This is my first time being here and even pulling in today I wish we could come here more often,” Sabina Rich said. “It made me sad that we can’t be a part of this community as much as we would like to.” 

While attendance is limited to 100 through the season finale on Aug. 2 as a part of the agreement with the county to reopen, Rich said it singles out who the true baseball fans are. 

“Internally it’s inspiring because people are still excited to come out and watch games,” Rich said. “Nothing is better than a beer and live baseball.” 

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