John Stevens

John Stevens, Appeal-Democrat Sports Editor.

Due to time spent out of state, I missed my last two men’s league hockey games. It was disappointing. There’s no other way to say it. 

Gruseome A (my rather unique team’s name) won both games that I was not in attendance for. Coincidence? Probably not. But either way it was tough not being present even if it is just a recreation league.

In this year’s NBA Finals, the Golden State Warriors had multiple players that had to miss time due to injury. From superstars Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson to the less talked about Kevon Loomey, things began to get a little dicey. 

Throughout the early part of the finals, Durant was receiving criticism for not even being present in certain team situations. I don’t blame him. If you can’t play, it’s going to hurt to be around the hype 24/7. 

Most of you might feel that having to sit out from a men’s league hockey game and the 2019 NBA Finals are a bit different. Sure I get it. But, in some ways these instances are more similar than you think. After all I am the Kevin Durant of my team. Kidding. But at the end of the day, it comes down to missing something you love for something you can’t control. 

Whether it’s a game, concert, theatrical production or any sort of organized event, if you can’t be present, the fear of missing out becomes all too real. Most every human is born with the will to want to be apart of something. 

It’s as if you designed a plan to build your own house, showed up day one and laid out all the ground work and then was forced to live in some place far away until it were finished. It’s just not fair. 

Everyday athletes make sacrifices to their bodies, fighting for the right to be deemed a champion. It’s tough. Some people think they’re too passionate. Others don’t think they’re passionate enough. But one thing is certain, separate them from the game, and they’ll have issues not getting back to what they love immediately. 

So next time you see an athlete who’s unable to play, don’t be too quick to judge them on what they say or do. Would you like it if someone called you out for missing your favorite activity?

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