In collaboration with Yuba County, the Norcal Series will bring a sanctioned professional disc golf tournament to Hammon Grove Park beginning today (October 17). 

The tournament runs through the weekend and should feature players from all over the region as well as Nevada, according to a tournament news release. 

All participants have agreed to adhere to a health and safety policy to protect players and spectators. Hammon Grove Park, located in Browns Valley, is one of 100 disc golf locations hosting players worldwide this weekend. 

Health and safety protocol

In order to maintain a proper space between players and fans the number of allowed participants at each course will be 72 players, three staff and a maximum four fans at each hole. 

Groups will consist of four players with physical distancing required. Facial coverings will be mandatory during indoor activity and when participants cannot maintain a six foot distance. 

All registration should be done online as no walk-up registration will be permitted. 

Equipment & Water

Event scoring and player tee times or hole assignments should be handled electronically through

the PDGA Tournament Manager and the PDGA Digital Scorecard. Groups may assign a player to keep score, but devices may not be shared at any time. 

Water bottles will be available and distributed in a manner that avoids or minimizes participants.

touching the same surface as per PDGA Tour Standards.

Participants should not touch discs, bags, carts, or any other property belonging to another participant. Participants should bring and control their own food for the entire day. 

Players should carry as much water on the round as they can reasonably manage.

Players should consider uniquely marking their discs on both the top and the bottom, thereby helping to identify the owner of a disc without the need for someone to touch it to flip it over.

Players should clear their disc from a target before another player takes aim. A player should not putt into a target that already has another disc within it.

Players should carefully remove their disc from a target and avoid touching any surface of the target while doing so.

Once a disc has contacted a target, players should consider sanitizing their disc prior to subsequent use or placing it into their bag. 

The process of sanitizing equipment by a player must be done in a timely manner and not violate normal excessive time requirements found in the officials rules of disc golf. 

For more information contact or by phone at (916) 624-7200 or (916) 987-3472.

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