Community quilt tour planned in Colusa

Shop owners along Market Street in Colusa displayed quilts in their windows for another community quilting event, the Pacific Flyway Quilters annual show “Quilts on Fire,” in 2014. 


To recognize National Quilt Day, the Friends Around the Block Quilt Shop is hosting a “Quilt around the block - A beautiful day in the neighborhood” event on Saturday. 

Residents of Colusa are invited to display quilts on their fences, in their windows or on their front porches as part of a socially distanced community display. 

“With everyone participating on this day, we can all enjoy a splendid, free-of-charge quilt display, just by walking through town!,” it was stated in a release issued by Friends Around the Block. 

Those that would like to participate in the community quilt tour are asked to contact Friends Around the Block to be added to the quilit map. Participants will also be entered into a raffle. 

“Our streets are a perfect outdoor venue for a charming, safe and socially distanced quilt display,” it was stated in the release. “If you don’t have a quilt to display in your neighborhood, we can put you in touch with one of the talented quiltmakers we know. Quiltmakers, this is your chance to show your work and connect with community members who may want to own one of your quilts!” 

Friends Around the Block also have a few other special events planned to celebrate National Quilt Day, including a scavenger hunt. 

More information and a map of quilt locations can be found at


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