Oratorio Society offering Pink October concert

Sally Spatofore (center), soloist with Yuba Sutter Chorus, sings during a performance. 


The Yuba Sutter Oratorio Society’s Yuba Sutter Symphony and Chorus will be rebroadcasting their 2017 performance of “Sing for a cure – a proclamation of hope,” in honor of Pink October, a month long celebration sponsored by Geweke’s Caring for Women Foundation to increase awareness of about breast cancer and promote early detection of women’s health issues. 

The performance will be available at www.ysos.org beginning Oct. 17 at 7 p.m. and can be viewed anytime within the following 30 days.

“When we first discovered this work, we knew we must present it for the Yuba-Sutter community,” said Corey Kersting, conductor of the Yuba Sutter Symphony. “The original concert was a great success, and now it is exciting to be able to re-broadcast that concert for those who never saw it and for those who would like to experience it again.” 

According to a release issued by the Yuba Sutter Oratorio Society, the 2017 concert raised more than $5,000 for the Geweke Caring for Women’s Foundation.

Kersting’s mother, Beckie Kersting, who is now a 19-year survivor of breast cancer, will be narrating the re-broadcast. 

“Doing the narration for this concert brought back all the original emotions I experienced with cancer – including anger at the diagnosis, fear of what was going to happen and ultimately hope,” said Beckie. “This piece of music expresses all of those feelings and even includes humor!  No matter how serious our cancer might be, we have to keep our sense of humor.”  

Soloists featured in the concert include Joyce Campbell, Sally Spatafore, Stephanie Bollinger, Elizabeth Gagnon and Keith Gagnon.  

The words of the narration and the lyrics for the songs have all been written by Pamela Martin.  

“The music and narration present various responses to breast cancer from all those in the family touched by its reality,” read the release. “In the midst of all the emotions related to cancer, the work is mostly a testimony of hope for all those facing cancer.”  

The original music featured in the concert was written by ten different contemporary composers and is orchestrated by Brant Adams.

Corey Kersting said there will also be a link on the website for those that would like to contribute to the Geweke’s Caring for Women Foundation this year. 

For more information, visit www.ysos.org.

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