The doors of the Smartsville Church, where a renovation is underway, where scheduled to be open to the public on Saturday to offer people a look at the progress but amid the current health crisis organizers had to cancel the 13th annual Pioneer Day. 

The event celebrates the Yuba County foothills towns of Smartsville and Timbuctoo and serves as a fundraiser and awareness campaign for an ongoing restoration of the 1800s church.

“The two front doors are now operational and most of the structural wood around the doors has been repaired or replaced,” said Kit Burton, with the Smartsville Church Restoration Fund, during last years festivities. “There’s a six-week period for the work on this part of the project and at the end of this week it will be three weeks, the halfway period, and it looks like they’re on schedule.”

While the interior of the church is not accessible during the event due to the renovation work, the yearly festivities include Mass, wagon rides to the mine tour, impersonations, portrayals of historical figures, music as well as food, art and craft vendors. 

“At this point we had finished with the important work on the “rescue” phase and we could start on the ‘restoration’ phase,” read a statement on the Smartsville Historic Church website. 

According to the website, a survey is currently being done to catalogue the next steps of the restoration process, the order in which things need to be done and all estimate costs.

“They include lighting, windows, drywall, architectural feature restoration insulation HVAC, painting and floors,” read the website. 

With the new roof on and the building and the foundation in place the building was stabilized enough to begin restoration of other damaged and neglected parts of the building, read the website. 

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