River bottoms cleanup planned

Abandoned vehicles are littered throughout the river bottoms area in Yuba County.


A local off-roading club is organizing a clean-up event this weekend to remove vehicles that were abandoned in the river bottoms. 

Dustin Daundivier, founder of the Facebook group “530 Recovery & Everything Off Road,” said the group will be partnering with SAYLove on Aug. 29 for the vehicle removal event.

“We are all coming together to clean up and drag abandoned cars out from our river bottoms with our off road trucks,” Daundivier said.

The effort will be during SAYLove’s monthly community clean up, which is conducted on the last Saturday of every month. Daundivier, who also works at Sunsweet, said the local company will be sponsoring the event.

According to SAYLove, Yuba County Code Enforcement has tagged over 120 vehicles in the river bottoms for removal. The vehicles don’t have identification numbers and more than half have reportedly been stolen.

The 530 Recovery & Everything Off Road group participated in a similar clean-up event in June 2019. Group members worked to haul old vehicles, boats and trash to a central area for collection with dumpsters. Daundivier said the group’s numbers have more than doubled since last year’s event.

Daundivier said members will meet around the Grays Beach and Shad Pad area around 8 a.m. on the day of the event. 

Daundivier said those interested in helping can find more information on his group’s Facebook page. He said the event will be conducted with COVID-19 safety guidelines implemented.

“It’s hard to say but I think this could be the biggest abandoned car removal in history. People have been cooped up for so long, we’ve gotten a good response from people wanting to get out and clean up the river,” he said. “The passion shown from the off-roading community has been huge.”


WHAT: River bottoms cleanup event, hosted by 530 Recovery & Everything Off Road and SAYLove.

WHEN: Saturday, Aug. 29, starting at 8 a.m.

WHERE: Grays Beach and Shad Pad in Marysville.

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