Sha-musings with Shamaya: ‘20th Century Blues’ review

The heroines of “20th Century Blues” eat french toast on stage at The Acting Company last month in Yuba City.

Well, The Acting Company did it again. They found a show that appealed to its senior audience and featured some of the area’s premiere female talent. The title of its most recent production, “20th Century Blues,” might invoke visions of cultural music and nightlife, but neither of these things is featured in the play. 

Those that saw Acting Company’s 2018 production of “Calender Girls,” directed by Pat Hill, got to relive the glory days with “20th Century Blues,” which starred many of the same actors performing slightly less exciting material. Susan Miller, the playwright, has procured several notable works, many of them centered on life from a woman’s perspective. The play “20th Century Blues” is no different, however it lacks a truly gripping plot line and requires intense mastery of pacing and comedic timing to qualify as entertainment.  

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